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Direct Printing Process


Water based coating materials are directly coated and printed on the surface of plain MDF and then goes through UV treatment to cure the UV protection top coat.

Layer of Coating Materials


  1. Waterborne Filler Coat

  2. Waterborne Base Coat

  3. Waterborne Printing Ink ( 3 colors)

  4. UV Coatings

Direct Printed MDF 


Direct Printed MDF is available in three standard grades, namely Backer Grade, Component Grade and Component 2.0 as per illustrated below.

Colour Choices 


With a minimum quantity order, special colours can be printed specifically according to requirements.


For smaller quantity, Robin offers a standard range of colours as follows;

Woodgrain Series 


Colour matching can also be done with woodgrain designs. 


For standard Robin woodgrain, please proceed to the gallery:-


DP A.jpg
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