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Direct Printing Solutions

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Direct Printing provides a better alternative than traditional methods of dressing up the surface of MDF where :-
  • Water based coating is a more environmentally friendly substitute to paper lamination as colours and designs are printed directly on the surface of the mdf without any need for a paper substrate.
  • Colour tone can be adjusted at the time of printing according to needs without the rigidity of keeping paper stocks, thus eliminating dead and waste stocks.
  • Colour matching can be done with existing designs or natural wood  to provide a prefect compliment.
  • The top UV protection coat can be adjusted according to application resulting in an efficient and cost effective usage of MDF.
  • UV based coating provides an excellent surface for spraying painting eliminating the need for base and filler coats spraying which save time, cost and is a healthier option.
Direct Printing Process


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Direct Printing Products

Direct Printed MDF


Robin Direct Printed MDF is an ideal and environmentally friendly replacement for paper laminated panels.

UV Recoatable Board


Robin UV Recoatable Board is a semi-finished Direct Printed MDF for further processing either with spray painting or curtain coating.



Robin Whiteboard is a finished glossy white Direct Printed Board ready to be sized, framed and used for writing purposes.

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